Joseph Heagy


Certified Environmental Access Consultant



  1. CEAC000 – Introduction to the C.E.A.C. Prep Program

  2. CEAC001 – The Impact of Disease State Progression, Disability and the Aging Process

  3. CEAC002 – How Delivery Systems Impact Environmental Access Issues

  4. CEAC003 – Tools of the Trade: The How-To’s of Environmental Access

  5. CEAC004 – Understanding and Reaching Your Target Market

  6. CEAC005 – Legal and Ethical Responsibilities of a C.E.A.C.

  7.  RABC100 – Introduction to Residential Accessible Bathroom Consultant (RABC) Program

  8.  SLC100 – Stairlift Consultant (SLC) Program

  9. RGBS100 – Residential Grab Bar Specialist (RGBS) Program

  10. RRC100 – Residential Ramp Consultant (RRC) Program

  11. PLC100 – Platform Lift Consultant (PLC) Program






















 Joseph Heagy  Master C.E.A.C.




At Accessible Homes of Florida, we believe when you remodel your home it should be a careful, deliberate process that meets all your needs. By having a Master C.E.A.C. you can be assured we use a unique, multifaceted approach to ensure that our customers are put first, no matter what. We believe in providing quality customer service to meet your family’s needs. 






We want to continue to live in our homes and have them appropriately fit our needs. This aspect is what a Certified Environmental Access Consultant does. Your C.E.A.C. will go through the process of what your accessibility needs are. Everyone wants to live in a home that is appropriate and fits his or her needs and abilities.

A well-designed home or one that has been modified to accommodate the needs of residents of all ages and abilities can promote freedom, independence and the ability to stay in control and live safely in your own home for a lifetime!